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Anti-Stick Mold Release

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Anti-Stick for food processing is the best mold release to use when molding or fabricating materials that come into primary or secondary contact with edibles. The active release agents in Anti-Stick comply with FDA Regulations (FDA approved pursuant to 21 CFR 175.300, Subchapter B, Section 3, Part XXV: Release agents as the basic polymer, and 21 CFR 181, Subchapter B, Section 181.28: Release agents) and the propellants and solvents are not considered food additives as they evaporate almost immediately. Available in both Ultra 3 and Ultra 4 formulations.

For details on the Ultra 3 and Ultra 4 formulations, click here.

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Item #

Item Name

Aerosol Can Size

Cans Per Case

Shipping Weight

A/STICKU3B Anti-Stick Ultra 3 Mold Release 18 oz 12 18 lbs
A/STICKU4 Anti-Stick Ultra 4 Mold Release 12 oz 12 13 lbs
  Results 1 - 2 of 2 1 
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