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Item # A/STICKU4, Anti-Stick Ultra 4 Mold Release

Anti-Stick for food processing is the best mold release to use when molding or fabricating materials that come into primary or secondary contact with edibles. The active release agents in Anti-Stick comply with FDA Regulations (FDA approved pursuant to 21 CFR 175.300, Subchapter B, Section 3, Part XXV: Release agents as the basic polymer, and 21 CFR 181, Subchapter B, Section 181.28: Release agents) and the propellants and solvents are not considered food additives as they evaporate almost immediately. Available in both Ultra 3 and Ultra 4 formulations.

For details on the Ultra 3 and Ultra 4 formulations, click here.

Specifications  · Mold Release Formulations



Ultra 4

Aerosol Can Size

12 oz

Cans Per Case


Shipping Weight

13 lbs

Mold Release Formulations

Mold Release Formulation

Ultra 4

Ultra 3 Mold Release

The Ultra 3 family of mold releases is the next generation of our time-proven Ultra products. This premium family of mold releases retains all of the desirable characteristics of Ultra II, but incorporates a non-flammable solvent suggested by the Significant New Alternatives Products (S.N.A.P.) sector of the EPA.

Ultra 3 mold releases represent a balance of environmental responsibility, worker safety, manufacturing practices and economy to create the most economical and effective mold release you can buy.

Ultra 3 Mold Release Features and Benefits

  • Premium line of mold release
  • All are EPA compliant, non-flammable, NON-CFC and NON-HCFC
  • No Class I or Class II Ozone Depleting Substances
  • Net weight: 18 ounces. 50% more mold release per can than most competitors results in more releases per can and less cans to recycle.
  • Field proven and time-honored active ingredients
  • Available in silicone and paintable universal releases as well as plastic-specifics for the right release in any application.
  • Level I aerosol for easy convenient storage and economical shipping

Ultra 4 Mold Release

The Ultra 4 group of mold releases is a new concept of solvent-less mold releases engineered specifically for plastics that exhibit heightened solvent sensitivity. Release agent deposition is fast, dry, and quick; therefore, it will not effect solvent-sensitive plastics as other mold releases with aggressive solvents may.

The release agents are the same time proven and reliable actives found in our other Ultra mold releases. Use Ultra 4 with complete confidence.

Ultra 4 Mold Release Features and Benefits

  • New generation of solvent free, premium mold releases
  • No time lost waiting for solvent to evaporate for faster molding cycles
  • Net weight of a full 12 ounces per can
  • All active ingredients are heavy duty, low-odor and field proven to be the most effective for their specific plastics.
  • Available in silicone and paintable universal releases as well as plastic-specifics for the right release in any application.
  • Level I Aerosol for easy, convenient and on-site storage

Ultra 4 Mold Release EPA Compliance

Non-flammable by ASTM D3065-01 Aerosol Standard Test Method, visit for details


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