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Contract Aerosol Packaging Services

Price-Driscoll Corporation has 69 plus years experience packaging aerosol mold releases, mold cleaners and mold maintenance products. With our state-of-the-art, modern facility, knowledge and experience, we welcome the opportunity to meet your custom aerosol packaging needs.

Specializing in short run productions from 50 cases to 5000+ cases, we can private label or contract fill to your specifications.


Can Size

Field experts in 2:11 x 6:04 (Other heights available)


Black and white double shelled aerosol caps standard; other colors available and priced accordingly.

Valve and Button

Button-on filling is our expertise

Types of Products

Anti-static sprays
Contact cleaners


Dry film (Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)) sprays

Mold cleaners

Primary industrial lubricants and cleaners

Silicone and non-silicone mold releases

Propellants Available

Dimethyl Ether (DME)




Standard paper labels. Customer supplied artwork or artwork creation services available via our label supplier. (Customer is responsible to supply labels and/or label information that is GHS compliant and compliant with all applicable regulations specific


Heavier cartons and special sizes are available upon request and priced accordingly
In-stock, industry standard 32ECT Kraft carton.

Lead Time

Lead times vary according to the complexity of the product. Generally, 4 to 5 weeks from final label artwork approval to shipment of finished product. Repeat orders have considerably shorter lead times.

Process Involves

Steps required to determine if we can fill customer's specific formulation and then provide them with a quote.

Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

Safety Data sheet on the product being considered for contract fill is required. This gives us a preliminary blueprint of what the product entails and helps us determine if the product requirements are a match for our capabilities.


Upon review and approval of the Safety Data sheet (SDS) by Price-Driscoll, we can create the customer's product specifications and provide a quote.


Confidentiality of customer supplied product specification provided by standard non-disclosure statement

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