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Mold Release Accessories

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Spray Handle with Magnet

Spray Handle with Magnet

Durable aluminum bar stock.
Light weight - comfortable to use.
Accepts PD valves or the 1-inch valve of your choice.
12-Foot Hose

12-Foot Hose

Durable brass fittings.
Extra flexible for easy use.
Compatible with all mold release formulas.
Valve Assortment

Valve Assortment

With O-Rings (6 per set)
Six different spray types to choose from:
  • Industry Standard
  • Heavy Delivery
  • Medium Delivery
  • Light Delivery
  • Vertical Delivery
  • Extension Tube
Cylinder Accessory Kit

Cylinder Accessory Kit

Contains the following items:

(1) Spray Handle with Magnet,
(1) Twelve Foot Hose,
(6) Different Spray Buttons,
(6) O-Rings (An O-Ring must be used with all valves)

All valves are color coded as follows:

Black - Heavy Delivery
Red - PD Industrial Standard
Green - Light Delivery
Brown - Vertical Delivery
Purple - Extension Tube
Blue - Medium Delivery
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